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    As a leading global market research and business intelligence firm, StudyLogic offers clients a business edge through a comprehensive understanding of industry trends. With a strong emphasis on the production and reporting of industry data trends, we arm clients with the knowledge needed in determining key business decisions.

  • As a leading market research firm specializing in the food services industry, StudyLogic is the official source for your local market data objectives (DMA, county, city, province, etc). Our firm has over 100 years of combined industry experience in collecting and reporting highly accurate total country and local market data to more than 300 food services clients globally. We have revolutionized the data industry through our proprietary survey technology and statistical approach. This enables our firm to conduct the flagship EYE-ON COMPETITIVE RETAIL STUDY, covering over 200 U.S. local markets (DMA’s, MSA’s, Counties, Cities etc) and almost 30 countries.
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    Some of the country’s top investment institutions rely on StudyLogic to provide dependable market data. This data is used to formulate important predictions and support public research documents. To ensure accuracy, we reconcile our data by constantly reviewing public company earnings and financial releases to Wall Street, Edgar Filings, as well as 10K’s and 8K’s.

    We also models percent changes in revenues, comparable sales and total sales, and utilize company data that we receive through our current client relationships.

    StudyLogic works with advertising agencies across the U.S., helping them conduct primary research studies and supplying important market data. This information is used in advertising strategies and campaigns and to help maximize marketing dollars. In addition, we provide a cost effective method of gathering research to support new business pitches.

    Our clients know they can rely on our dedication to customer service and commitment to quality to help them with any research requirement.


    Hospitality chains can benefit from collecting data from past and potential visitors. StudyLogic has partnered with some of the largest chains in the world to conduct primary research and gather vital insights related to quality, service, and customer perception. We provide the capability to carry out guest surveys in order to understand the needs and experiences of an individual visitor.

Primary Research

StudyLogic works with clients across all industries to create and implement proprietary research projects.

Syndicated Research

We produce quarterly syndicated reports that focus on competitive market share to help you understand your geographic competition.

Market Performance

Tracking your local promotional success and ROI is simple with our Retail Study that tracks local market promotions in real-time.

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