What We Do

Stay informed about your competition. Our business intelligence products keep clients informed of competitive activity in local markets. With our quarterly tracking studies, clients gain a full understanding of local competitive market share by vendor brand and product. These tracking reports will provide your company the competitive advantage needed towards succeeding where others have failed.

StudyLogic works with clients across all industries in creating, designing and implementing proprietary research projects. The professionals at StudyLogic have more than 25 years of combined primary research experience in their field. Since inception, StudyLogic has lead clients in managing more than 15,000 proprietary research projects.

StudyLogic has reinvented the way companies utilize secondary research by combining technology and synergies. StudyLogic produces more than 15 studies annually on industry trends.

Industries covered:
– Food Services
– Financial Services
– Information Technology
– Internet/Online Security
– Insurance
– Healthcare

StudyLogic produces 4 ongoing syndicated reports focusing on competitive market share. This research enables companies to understand their TRUE geographic competition. Companies utilize this data to further understand the category market share of their current or potential competition.

Eye-On Competitive Retail
The Eye-On Competitive Retail is a unique quarterly study designed to track local competitive market share. Among many functions, the study measures unit consumption by vendor, brand and product. With one of the largest demographic panel of food & beverage consumers across all U.S. markets, the study parameters are virtually endless.

Market Demographics
The Eye-On Competitive Retail Study also tracks and reports demographic data for individual local markets. The Demographic data is based on approximately 900,000 panel members reporting.

Vendor Demographics
Demographic data can be segmented by vendor or brand and is also available for any individual U.S. market. This is an excellent way to compare local market demographics against vendor or brand customers.

Learn more about StudyLogic’s Food Services.

Tracking your local promotional success and ROI (return-on-investment) has finally been made simple. The Eye-On Competitive Retail Study can track individual local market promotions in real-time. The key to our tracking success is our digital panel reporting system. Our panel members report daily unit consumption by vendor and product category. Immediately upon reporting, local unit data is converted into actual market share.

Market Share Gain/Loss
This enables our tracking program to measure the ROI using market share gain/loss metrics. With our advanced technology, we can customize any short or long term promotional tracking in real-time.
Promotional performance results are measured by actual percentage-point market share gains. Percentage point market share gains are calculated by base-period to end-period comparisons.

Promotional success reporting is available by:
Day | Month | Biennial
Week | Quarter | Annual