Syndicated Research

StudyLogic produces 4 ongoing syndicated reports focusing on competitive market share. This research enables companies to understand their TRUE geographic competition. Companies utilize this data to further understand the category market share of their current or potential competition.

Eye-On Competitive Retail
The Eye-On Competitive Retail is a unique quarterly study designed to track local competitive market share. Among many functions, the study measures unit consumption by vendor, brand and product. With one of the largest demographic panel of food & beverage consumers across all U.S. markets, the study parameters are virtually endless.

Market Demographics
The Eye-On Competitive Retail Study also tracks and reports demographic data for individual local markets. The Demographic data is based on approximately 900,000 panel members reporting.

Vendor Demographics
Demographic data can be segmented by vendor or brand and is also available for any individual U.S. market. This is an excellent way to compare local market demographics against vendor or brand customers.

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