The EYE-ON COMPETITIVE RETAIL study consists of many thousands of weekly panel members. Active panel members are defined as those U.S. adults, age 18 and older, which have consumed 1+ unit(s) of a food or beverage category within a 7 day period.

While the study measures all U.S. food and beverage consumption occurring out-of-home, it is primarily designed to track unit consumption at the local market retail vendor level. The study also measures demographics, lifestyle characteristics along with brand and product preferences for food and beverage categories.

The study consists of a two-tiered recruitment process. The first step is an online interview conducted by STUDYLOGIC to determine whether the respondent is age 18 and older and consumes 1+ unit(s) within a 7 day period. If they qualify and are willing to participate in the panel, a short online survey interview is given to gather some basic demographics and characteristics. A small incentive is guaranteed upon completion of the online survey. A PIN number and URL are then provided for them to fill out an online decision tree-based diary survey covering food and beverage consumption by location. A small sample of non-active Internet users are given a slightly more extensive questionnaire to help us estimate U.S. Population statistics.




The study is updated monthly and released every three months or quarterly; 25% new respondents are added to the panel base and the oldest 25% interviews are eliminated. This procedure ensures that the panel is regularly refreshed and reflects the ever-changing universe.

A new questionnaire is fielded at the beginning of each month and harvested about 10 days after the end of the month (giving recruits from the last week of the month two weeks to go online to take the questionnaire). Quarterly data releases are scheduled around the 14th day of a new quarter.

The first questionnaire was conducted in the Spring of 2000 with recruitment and collection done by The Research Tank and sponsorship by the investment banking community. STUDYLOGIC has conducted monthly questionnaires and data releases ever since. Our Q1-2013 questionnaire/data release will mark our 47th straight quarter of operations. Extensive testing and review has been done to maintain the panel recruitment methodology and insure data consistency during the transition.

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